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It's stylish and pretty, but the Nokia nostalgia is its biggest strength

The Nokia name is good and well back, after some turbulent years. The new Nokia 5 may be the "Nokia Nokia" in the new range phones, with a 5.2 inch high-screen 5.2 inch screen and an exactly customizable price of around $ 200.

Slightly choppy performance

But so far, Nokia's phones have not lived up to the hopes. The Nokia 3310 seemed to be the most expensive version of existing button phones (Priceguide.no, commercial partner), while ruptured performance and savings in every corner made Nokia 3 not impress, despite what should be efficient and fast, clean Android on screen.

Nokia 5 also has pure Android. It's even better lately. But even if you get a little more powerful hardware on this phone, the user experience also feels a bit slice and split. The phone is mostly fast and nice, but it takes small coffee breaks during a day and they tend to hit at an annoying time.

Such as when it's impossible to get the screen on while you'd rather dial numbers to an automatic customer service. 
Clean menus and stylish designs

Here, performance should be more than adequate to provide a good user experience. Nevertheless, there appears to be something here and there. But it's mostly nice to use, and apps downloaded and running behave perfectly, suggesting that it's the software that needs a nice job while the hardware is working properly.

Since there are just about clean Android menus running here, you get very little menu items. Here's what you need, and not more. If you're used to more custom Android phones, you may not actually find anything you perceive as a necessity here. But it's also possible that the neat menus fall in a significantly better taste than the ones you came from.

We did not quite agree with the editors when Nokia 5 was tested. The undersigned likes the design here well. In practice, it is a very easy continuation of the Lumia design, without too much space around. Nice and stylish, in my opinion. While others in the editors did not like the little big antenna bands in plastic.

Design is and will be a taste cake. And although I do not think Nokia 5 looks particularly cheap, I can understand it if some think the design is a bit boring. 

Cut List:

In addition to the occasional choppy performance, the feeling that it is spared on all sides is occasionally intrusive.
The camera takes eclipse, but not amazing pictures. There are significantly better in the same price range and cheaper. It's not a huge choice, so Nokia 5 is still approved for its camera.

The relatively low resolution in the otherwise nice screen also acts as a saving measure that some other mobile manufacturers have managed to avoid when the price crashes and over 2000 dollars.

That you do not even get support for fast-charging, even if the inside hardware can really be installed with it's too bad. Especially when the battery basically is quite large. It takes a long time to charge.

Finally; Nokia 5 also has no form of weather protection.

The premier Nokia 6 model has both fast-charging and a little more RAM as some of the main benefits, next to the larger screen. More RAM can mean a smoother user experience, and fast-charge support is at least something that makes sense to pay extra. It costs 500 kroner more than 5-year-olds now. It is said that the price differences between them may change somewhat, as Nokia prices are currently characterized by rounded introductory prices.

It is hard to excel in this price range

The contours are increasingly evident, as they often have lately. It is Motorola that is the mobile manufacturer to beat if you are going to make affordable phones. With a whole bunch of cheap phones from last year's Moto G4 Series, which can now be purchased from around a thousand to up to this year's Moto G5 Plus, floating between 2500 and 3000 kroner, Motorola has a G model for any wallet.

Everyone has security and a user experience and a camera that box well over their respective price ranges. Everyone feels more mobile than the price tag initially suggested.

With relatively reasonable models, which partly stand out from LG , Samsung and more unknown manufacturers such as Ulefone , it's simply hard to excel at the bottom of the price ladder today. And if Nokia 5 had not had the honorable brand name, it was asked if the phone itself would have been enough to impress so many.