Samsung has created the world's first LED movie screen

 Each pixel is its own diode.

Most connect movie films with projector and a very canvas, but it can now be a change.

Samsung has installed the world's first LED movie screen at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul, South Korea. And if you think, "But I have had an LED display home since 2012?", This is not the same.
Samsung's Cinema LED display has one LED diode per pixel, so it's a direct-illuminated LED display. These have previously not been particularly common in other than commercial banners and real big screens, where pixel size has been large enough.

The new cinema screen measures 10.3 meters in width and has a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. By comparison, the canvas in hall 1 at the Colosseum in Oslo measures 24 meters in width.

The maximum brightness on the Samsung screen is 146 fL, equivalent to 500 nits, which according to Samsung is 10 times the brightness of common cinema projector technologies.

If you have a state-of-the-art HDR support today, you may know that it can reach 1000 or in a few cases 2000 nits, but in the theater, 500 nits should be on solid contrast.

Samsung also believes that the display should be well-suited to show concerts, sports and gaming, even in environments that are not quite dark.

The Cinema LED screen, of course, also supports HDR, and Samsung claims the screen has a contrast rate that is infinite. It also fully complies with the so-called Digital Cinemas Initiative (DCI) standards, and, of course, in the Lotte Cinema Hall, they have also installed a sound system from Samsung-owned JBL by Harman.

Sony is on the same track

Also Sony has shown a similar system based on their Crystal LED technology. At the CinemaCon fair earlier this year, they showed a 16-foot (narrow-five-foot) wide prototype, but the system is modular and can therefore be expanded to the desired size.

The price of such a system is not known, but there is reason to believe that at least it is currently more expensive than a traditional system with two 4K projectors and canvas.